Elengy – LNG Boil off gas compressor

For the import of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) ConPackSys delivered a compressor package to boost the natural gas from a pressure of 4.5 barg to 81 barg. Because the LNG was evaporated right before the compressor package temperature could be extremely low. Special attention was required in material selection considering structural properties at low temperatures. Additionally, special lubrication oils was required to ensure proper lubrication of compressor cylinders at low temperatures.

The total package consisted of a separate valve skid containing actuated ESD isolation valves, actuated recycle valve for capacity control and discharge coalescing filter to remove any lubrication oil. The compressor skid contained the electric driver, compressor, pulsation dampers, separators and necessary instrumentation. Process gas coolers were separately installed on a structural steel frame, located outside. The compressor skid was placed in a noise enclosure, delivered by ConPackSys and installed on site.

ConPackSys was very closely involved with the installation and commissioning of the installation.